18 Bird Flyright Machine

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 Introducing the NEW 18 Bird Flyright Rotary Machine. Made in the USA by Mike Franklin of Pacific Wings Outfitters. This machine features a HUGE motor with 278 " lbs of Torque!!

These Flyright Rotary Machines allow you to fly 18 Feather Flyers at once! 

The 18 Bird Flyright Rotary Machines feature a stabilizing bearing above the motor designed to handle the stress the flyers and arms create while rotating.  These units are tough and made to take the abuse and torture us snow goose hunters know and love!

Features a 4-leg fold out base system that is extremely stable.  Set it up on uneven or Frozen ground with ease. No more "stomping" the base into the ground like on "other" rotary machines.

This unit is fully painted, and gives you the option to drop the arms down into "high wind" slots when the wind picks up to avoid putting strain on the motor and gears.

Be one of the first hunters in your state to run a BRAND NEW PRODUCT!!

Pictures and video coming soon. Flyers not included.



  • Manufacturer: Pacific Wings Outfitters

18 Bird Flyright Machine

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