30 Bird Flyright Machine
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Yes, Mike Franklin of Pacific Wings Outfitters has done it again. Introducing the 30 Bird Flyright rotary Machine!! This model comes with two decks. This "stacked" Flyright gives the birds a different, all vertical look that sucks them right in!! Features our largest motor yet. Pushing 278" lbs of torque this machine is the creme of the crop when it comes to decoying wary snow geese. We all know that snow geese are learning, and getting smarter at the game every year. As hunters we need to consistently adapt and change up our tactics to decoy these smart birds. Having something "different" in your spread gives you the edge over other hunters who continue to do the same ol' same ol' every year and wonder why they only kill a handful of birds. The game has changed, and so have our Flyrights.


*Flyers NOT included


  • Manufacturer: Pacific Wings Outfitters

30 Bird Flyright Machine

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