6 Bird FlyRight Machine
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Made in the USA by Mike Franklin of Pacific Wings Outfitters. Fly 6 Feather Flyers at the same time with this rotary machine! Built TOUGH, ready to take on years of abuse. Comes with a hard wired speed controller, 15' of battery cable, 4-leg fold out base system that is extremely stable. Fully painted. This versitile machine gives you the option to drop the arms down into "Wind slots" when the wind picks up to avoid putting strain on the drive shaft. These slots are welded to the base of the machine. Field tested, and proven to be highly effective in decoying adult snow geese. Shipping weight of 56lbs. The Flyright machine is the latest and greatest rotary on the market! **Motor is not designed to for use in the wind**. Use "Wind slots" when it's windy enough to move your flyers.

Machine now comes standard with a heavy duty  motor that pushes 100" lb of torque!!
Over 2X more power than prior models!!


Extra battery cable can be purchased at $1.25 a foot. Use drop down box to select length to be added to your machine.


Add motion and direct the birds like you have never done before!


  • Manufacturer: Pacific Wings Outfitters

6 Bird FlyRight Machine

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