9 Bird FlyRight Machine

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The game has changed when it comes to rotary machines. The Flyright is Made in the USA by Mike Franklin; owner of Pacific Wings Outfitters. This is the ONLY rotary machine that allows you to fly 9 Feather Flyers at once! With a diameter of over 20', this machine will get the birds attention from a distance. Comes with a hard wired speed controller, 4-leg fold out base system that is extremely stable, fully painted, and gives you the option to drop the arms down into "Wind Slots" when the wind picks up to avoid putting strain on the drive shaft.

Very versitile machine that adds motion on those windless days, and directs the birds when its windy!! Comes with 15' of battery cable. Field tested, and proven to be deadly on adult snow geese.


Machine now comes standard with a heavy duty motor that pushes 220" lb of torque!!
Prior models had 40"lb of torque.

This Flyright machine is ready to use right of the box. Just add a 12V deep Cycle, Marine battery and get ready to decoy snows in your face!!


Extra battery cable can be purchased at $1.25 a foot. Use drop down box to select length to be added to your machine.


Feather Flyers sold seperate

12V battery NOT included



  • Manufacturer: Pacific Wings Outfitters

9 Bird FlyRight Machine

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