Dakota Decoy X-Treme Hen Turkey Decoy

Master carver, Dave Constantine, has done it again! We are proud to introduce our NEW, Extreme Hen Turkey Decoy. With his decades of turkey hunting experience, Dave has developed the ultimate, Dual Purpose Hen Decoy. The perfect body posture of a standing, not alert wild hen, that when set on the ground doubles as a pre-breed profile of a ready hen. Dakota's signature quality, detailing and realism are unsurpassed.

The perfect companion to the Dakota Decoy Extreme Jake. Decoy bag included.


Relaxed body position relaxes and entices toms

  • Durable EVA plastic body
  • Ultimate realism and detail
  • Guaranteed paint retention
  • Internal storage
  • Includes metal stake system

  • Manufacturer: Dakota Decoy

Dakota Decoy X-Treme Hen Turkey Decoy

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