Dakota Decoy X-Treme Snows and Blues, Part # 12300 & 12350
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**NEW EVA Soft Plastic!**

Each box of X-treme Snows is packaged in six packs, which  includes 4 feeders and 2 uprights, in either snows or blue phase snows.. They come in 2 body  styles, a relaxed upright or a feeding posture. What makes this decoy so  appealing to hunters is its ease of use. The decoys are constructed as  one-piece body, with no removable parts, and a one-piece motion system that can  be attached or easily unattached with one step. That means there are no lose  head connections or having your decoy blow over or off its base. Our goal was  to keep it simple. You will be impressed with the quality construction, realism  and durability of the X-treme Snows. The custom Wind-Walker motion system is  identical to our X-treme Honker full body decoys, and has been proven to make  setup, moving and tear down a breeze.


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  • Manufacturer: Dakota Decoy

Dakota Decoy X-Treme Snows and Blues, Part # 12300 & 12350

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