Dakota X-treme Flocked Jake Turkey Decoy
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You'll have to look twice at the Dakota Decoy X-Treme Flocked Jake Turkey Decoy to make sure it isn't real.

The arrogant back head-tilt, semi-strut posture and realistic flocked look will fool even the wariest tom, bringing him in looking for a fight. Made of a nearly indestructible EVA-blend plastic that boasts the best paint retention on the market, this turkey decoy even boasts a high-durability flocking made of eye-fooling long-fiber strands that last for seasons of use.

Includes a metal-stake system that can be stored inside the decoy.

  • Arrogant back head-tilt, semi-strut posture
  • EVA-blend plastic construction
  • High-durability flocking made of long-fiber strands
  • Metal-stake system stores inside decoy
  • Manufacturer: Dakota Decoy

Dakota X-treme Flocked Jake Turkey Decoy

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