Eastern Oregon guided hunt deposit
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Eastern Oregon Goose Hunts

FourFlyways offers guided hunts for Specks & Snows in eastern Oregon. Starting in February, these birds begin to show up in huntable numbers.
The Oregon border is only 10 miles away from our base camp in Marsing, ID. Join us for a late season goose hunt in Malheur County. This hunt is focused primarily on Specks, with snows being a bonus. Specks close in Idaho on 2/21, but they remain open in Oregon until 3/10.
Limit: 10 Specks, 20 Snows each, per day

3 day non-resident hunting license is $26.50, & the bird stamp validation is $38.50.
 Buy these right here:
Oregon non resident license and stamp

These hunts take place from 2/22-3/10 in dry fields using layout blinds. We can take up to 6 hunters per morning. You will be hunting over a spread of new Dakota full body Speck decoys, and new Dakota full body Snow goose decoys. We also utilize Redbone brand speck calls to bring the birds in close.


$280 per person/per morning
2 person minimum




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Eastern Oregon guided hunt deposit

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