Real-Geese Confidence Cow Blind / Decoy
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It has been well documented that there's no better
way for approaching unsuspecting waterfowl than from behind a

Real-Geese's Confidence Cow Blind/Decoy has been designed to perform
three specific functions:

  1. As a "sneak cow" for approaching large flocks of snow geese,
    other unsuspecting waterfowl, turkey and big game.
  2. As a Confidence Decoy for enticing waterfowl, turkey and big
    game closer to you when hunting from a blind ( stake/legs
  3. As a stationary blind for hiding behind in sparsely covered
    agricultural areas (stake/legs required).

Includes:  Cow Decoy Body, Horizontal Frame with
Grip and Hardware.

  • Manufacturer: Real-Geese

Real-Geese Confidence Cow Blind / Decoy

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