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Guided Waterfowl Hunts


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Fourflyways.com is now offering guided duck & goose hunts for waterfowl right here in SW Idaho! With liberal limits of 4 honkers, 10 specks and 20 snows per day, these birds keep us busy. If you are interested in pursuing snows in February or March, our spread consists of 800+ full body decoys, Hundreds of Tanglefree Slammer socks, Dakota wind socks, multiple Flyright rotary machines, Feather Flyers, Clones and more... All while in the comfort of our heated pit blinds with drop down lids. These pit blinds keep the hunters out of the weather, and more importantly, out of sight of the approaching birds. We can accommodate up to 6 hunters per shoot. Each snow goose hunt includes breakfast to get your day started off right!  !

We are located in the Snake river valley 40 minutes west of Boise, ID. Easy access from the Boise airport for our out of state guests who want to experience these hunts. Lodging is available in Nampa hotels. 3 day Non-resident licenses are available for purchase at $35.50. Click HERE to purchase an Idaho License

Honkers: Here in SW Idaho, Honker hunting is what we do from opening day until the buzzer sounds on the last day of the season. We have some amazing fields that provide some up close and personal honker hunts. These fields have pit blinds in them. We can take up 5 hunters per morning. This hunt is on unpressured city birds that roost in close proximity to our pit blinds. We only hunt these fields on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday. Think "depredation hunt", and you will start to understand how most of these hunts go.
Limit: 4 per person/day.

Ducks- Our guided duck hunts take place in flooded pastures, ponds and natural sloughs on our own private property. Greenheads are king around here, with a good mix of Widgeon, Wood ducks and Pintails. Sit in the comfort of our custom made A-Frame blinds and watch the ducks work the decoys. We only hunt 3 days a week to preserve the resource and allow the birds to relax. 4 Hunters per morning. 

For Snows we averaged over 44 snow geese per day during our short 16 day season last spring. No need to travel all the way to the Midwest to watch snows decoy up close and personal! We hunt staging birds as well as migrators in late morning. Our fields are located right in the middle of 3 separate roosts. We start seeing huntable numbers of snows in our area beginning mid February. Get ready for some in your face, feet down action! E-call hunts: 2/22-3/10
  Limit: 20 per person/day

If Specks are what you are interested in chasing, we can put you on these as well. Hunt over a spread of Dakota Speck full bodies. Last spring was the 2nd time we had a season on specks that went well into February. So they are not conditioned to being hunted in this area yet. Being the first fowl to push north, we usually start seeing large numbers of specks in the area starting the 2nd week of February. Limit: 10 per person/day


Self Guided Duck Hunts-These hunts are offered on our duck ponds. Enjoy hunting out of a 3 man pit blind with water on both sides. Duck decoys are set awaiting your arrival. All you need to bring is your gun, ammo, waders, and dog if you have one. The ponds also have Ice Eaters in them to keep the water open when the weather turns cold. Up to 3 hunters per morning.
Contact jon@fourflyways.com for more information on this type of hunt.

50% Non-refundable deposit required. Balance to be paid the morning of the hunt. Limited space available!!


Honkers- $360/each(morning hunt)

 Ducks- $250/each (morning hunt)

Snows- $360/each(morning & evening hunt)

Specklebellies- $300/each(morning hunt)

Self guided duck hunt- $375 to rent pit for the morning


Traveling from out of state? Book a 3-Day hunt to maximize your experience!
3-Day Packages available for Spring Snow Goose hunts
$900 for 3 consecutive morning hunts!!

Please contact Jon@fourflyways.com for more information and available dates


$50 Discount for Junior Hunters on all Snow goose hunts. 

Please select the species you are interested in targeting in the drop down box.

This Payment is for your DEPOSIT ONLY. Balance to be paid morning of hunt.

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SW Idaho guided hunts deposit

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