Tanglefree Greater Canada Fully Flocked Full Body Combo Pack
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The backbone of any goose hunter’s decoy spread is the full body Greater Canada Goose and Tanglefree has carefully researched ways to give hunters an added edge. First, these decoys are offered in either a heads/tails flocking or a fully flocked option that a taxidermist would appreciated for its lifelike appearance.  Second, there are 3 different body postures in a 1-piece decoy mold to prevent your decoy from losing its head just before shoot time. Last, all decoys come with wind motioned Run N’ Gun field stakes for soft ground and Round Bases for hard ground, which secure by a decoy attached bungee cord so multiple decoys can be carried in one hand.

  • Size Sentry 30.75″ Tail to Bill
  • Size Relaxed Rester 26.5″ Tail to Bill
  • Size Feeder 32″ Tail to Bill
  • Created by Master Carver Don Mintz
  • Fully Flocked
  • One Piece Design
  • Includes 4 Run N’ Gun Field Stakes & 4 Round Bases
  • Packaged Per 4 (2 Feeders, 1 Sentry, 1 Relaxed Rester)
  • Manufacturer: Tanglefree

Tanglefree Greater Canada Fully Flocked Full Body Combo Pack

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