Tanglefree Landing Zone Blind
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The Landing Zone is one tough layout.  Built with a waterproof, 600Dx600D camouflage material and 1200Dx1200D,  with a double enforced floor.  This blind will stand the test of time.  Its low profile, compactability, and hunter friendly features make it the choice of serious waterfowlers.

  • 86” x 37” x 17”
  • Weight:  20lbs
  • Low profile design.
  • Corrosion resistant, aluminum frame with quick release pins.
  • Mesh face panel with support to keep it off your face.
  • Padded, comfortable back rest.
  • Zippered flagging ports.
  • Max 5 camo
  • Manufacturer: Tanglefree

Tanglefree Landing Zone Blind

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