Tanglefree Pro Series Pintail – 12 Upright Drakes
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Designed by award winning master carver Don Mintz, Tanglefree’s Pro Series Puddle Ducks are perfect for targeting specific species or adding realism to any puddle duck spread. Decoys feature detailed texturing and color shadings that set them apart from other decoy manufacturers. Each species has a lifelike migration plumage using specific colors in conjunction with the carving’s natural feather shading. The durability of these decoy molds will provide many years of assured field performance. Finally the keel design guarantees upright stability and allows the decoy to naturally swim in the water. The realism of these decoys will be alluring to even the most skittish of fowl.

  • Size 17.75″ Tail to Bill
  • Weighted Keel
  • Packaged Per 12 (12 Drakes)
  • Manufacturer: Tanglefree

Tanglefree Pro Series Pintail – 12 Upright Drakes

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